Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jesus' General

Every once in a while, I find a blog so funny I have to promote it. Today, it's "Jesus' General." The premise of the blog is this: make fun of the right wing conservatives by acting as if you were one.

This posting from Friday, June 14th is hilarious. Here's a snippet:

As if the typical Liberal isn’t crude enough there does seem to be a lot more flaunting of sin and deprivation during a full moon. Aren’t most “Gay Prides” held during a full moon?

What about abortions? Why, I bet that if research studies were conducted we would discover that more little innocent babies are executed during a full moon than any other time.

Libido and promiscuity seems to rise during a full moon. What say you, Slutty Liberal girls and Homosexuals? Do you go into hunt mode and look for more indiscriminate sexual partners than usual?

Read the full posting here.

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