Friday, June 29, 2007

Fox Noise Trifecta

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's Worst people in the world for June 27, 2007:

Worse: News Corp head Keith Rupert Murdoch for allowing the Chinese government censorship abilities on the My Space China website in order to get his foot in the door in China.

Worser: Keith Rupert Murdoch for using Trent Lott (among others) to have Congress not pass a bill stating no one corporation could own more than 35% of the nation's TV stations. The Republicans lobbied and changed the percentage to 39%... the percentage of national TV stations Murdoch owned at the time. And guess who's memoir Murdoch's HarperCollins Publishers just published: Trent Lott's.

Worst: Bill O'Reilly of Fix News... er... Fox Noise for saying Fox News "takes a more traditional stance on news than NBC news." True if traditional means false and right-winged.

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