Saturday, June 9, 2007

Miss'n a Conscience

"Mission Accomplished."

Who could forget May 1, 2003 when Bush appeared in a green flight suit on the USS Abraham Lincoln with that "Mission Accomplished" banner above him and stated the Iraqi war was coming to an end? (article here)

Today marks the 1,500th day since that photo opportunity. To honor that great day in American history, I would like to share a video from our friends at Robert Greenwald's website Tell Us the Mission.

The video is a poem called "King George (Mission Accomplished.)" (video here) (words to poem here)

On the bottom of Tell Us the Mission's homepage, there is also a petition to the US Congress asking that the US Flag Code be amended to fly flags at half-staff for one day whenever an American service member dies at war. This idea came from an op-ed piece of an American soldier serving in Afghanistan. Take a minute to think about how often the US flag would have been flying at half-staff for the past 1,500 days.

Makes me want to ask "WHAT mission was accomplished?"

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