Friday, June 29, 2007

We didn't want you anyway

Wal-mart pulled the plug on donations to gay-friendly organizations due to a threatened boycott by Conservative Christian groups. (article here)

Not that I want the evil Wal-mart empire linked to homosexuality, but you have to admit it could solve the nation's Wal-mart problems. Think about it. Most of Wal-mart's "followers" are in the southern states; most of the Conservative Christian groups are in the southern states. There could be a huge drop in Wal-mart's sales (and thus profits) if a right-wing boycott is put into place.

So, how can we create the sodomy-discount store connection?

Have the Pride parade run through the Wal-mart cosmetic section? No, there are too many toothless distractions to keep the parade on route.

Create a fake news story about Sam Walton's gay affair with a young Strom Thurmond? INGENIOUS! Someone get Katie Couric on the phone... she'll do anything for a ratings boost right now.

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